Monday, March 21, 2011

Process: Creating my own Kitchen Furniture

  I just started creating some furniture for my miniature kitchen!! 

My main purpose is to take pictures of my miniature food jewelry to make them look cuter than they are!! I looked for some inspiration online because I didn't have a design yet but ideas where jumping from everywhere.

I'm not used to drawing much.  All of my design I keep them in my hard drive (my brain :p) So I had an inspiration overdose.

  I went to an art store and brought some balsa wood.

Went home and I just couldn't stop working!! 
Measuring and cutting the pieces



Assembling the doors and  drawer

I'm still working in some details Ill be posting more pics when its finished!
I cant wait to start taking pictures of my pieces.

Check out my miniature food jewelry at:


  1. woww.. impressive. I am looking forward to see your finished project. It will look fantastic.

  2. awesome idea!

    new follower, found you on the etsy business team. I can be found at