Monday, June 20, 2011

♥ Everybody loves Rainbow Cake! ♥

One day at the art store I saw this very bright and beautiful box of colors full of something called Polymer Clay. It was like a variety pack. I didn't know at that moment what polymer clay was or how to work with it, I just brought it because of the colors! When I got home I started to think; "What am I supposed to do with this?" I started to play with that thing that reminded me so much of my childhood when I had my kitchen play set, a set of plastic food and my imagination. I loved to make hotdogs with dough cut them and put them on a plate! I discovered my passion for food since I was a little girl.

Driven by that passion the first thing that came to my mind was a cupcake. My first piece was a cupcake :D (A really weird one I have to say lol) Then I started to make different kind of dishes and wala!! a rainbow cake!!! Everybody seems to be drawn to this beautiful combination of color. This lovely cake has been my best seller. I always try to vary my work. This one is a new version. The difference? Thinner layers and the frosting in between. I like this one better... what do you think? *** Want to learn how to make it? Check out my tutorial here: Rainbow Cake Tutorial

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  1. Does look very appetizing indeed....Love the beautiful colors in there and such a sugar sweet concept...will be a rage with the teenagers.Could be very good gifts too.Initial Charms