Sunday, August 14, 2011

From miniature jewelry to miniature dollhouse cuties :D

I started working with polymer clay around November 2010 making miniature food jewelry. My real passion was making miniature food but here in Puerto Rico dollhouse miniatures is something that you don't see or grow up with. I just simply didn't know there are thousands of people that love to collect the pieces that I was making. I did not know what to do with my miniature polymer clay food so I said to myself, " That's it! I can make a necklace out of these!" and so I did.

Doing research and of course looking trough Etsy I discovered the dollhouse world. All those amazing and realistic details drove me to explore this beautiful world. I started to work on a smaller scale, since my jewelry is bigger than the usual dollhouse scale, and created some delicate pieces. I even created some miniature books too!

I am an art student and when my sculpting class came to my life I was horrified. I didn't like to sculpt at all but now I like to make tiny things with my hands and finally realized they were sculptures! Now this is my passion. Hope you enjoy.

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