Friday, July 13, 2012

Resin Tutorial - Animal Print Charm by Cute Treats

I've been working with resin for over a year now and I always have asked myself; How do people do animal print on resin?! Doing a couple of experiments I discovered the animal print technique and now I'm sharing it with you! Hope you enjoy ♥ 

Resin - I use Easy Cast
Mold Release (Castin Craft)
Glitter - Color of your preference
Plastic Cups
Wooden Stick
Black Sharpie (not shown in the picture)
Patience :)

First, clean your mold and add some mold release. Let it dry 
Mix to equal parts of resin in a cup. The amount depends on the size of the piece you are going to make. Mix slowly for about two minutes. Try to prevent bubbles from forming.

Add the resin to the mold ( I forgot to take a picture of the star without the pattern but it should look like the heart) Fill just half of the mold. Let it dry for about 12 hours or until the top is dry.

With a black Sharpie draw the animal print pattern in this case I choose a zebra pattern.

While the pattern dries mix again equal parts of resin. This is going to cover the other half of the mold.

Add lots of glitter!

Pour on top of the animal print pattern.

I was experimenting with different colors :) Now this is the hard part...waiting! Let it dry for about 24 hours!

24 hours have passed. Yay!!!! They should be ready to be pop out of the mold.

This is the finished piece. Now you can glue a bail on the back to turn it into a necklace!

Hope you have learned a little bit from me :) Feel free to leave a comment. I will greatly appreciate it!
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