Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Tamiya Decoration Series Baking Master Collection

  I know of the Tamiya brand because of my husband who builds miniature cars and was always talking about how good their products are. Recently searching trough the web I discovered they launched a series for miniature sweets where they have all kinds of realistic fake deco sauces, frosting, toppings and even air dry clay. I was fascinated with the idea of getting my work done faster with these ready to use formulas! I wanted to buy some of these products so badly but couldn't find where to buy in the states, only amazon, who charge about $18.00 for a 20ml bottle + shipping... Seriously? The other option left was purchasing from International buyers, pay a lot for shipping, wait 4 weeks or even more without a tracking number and no guarantee that the packages won't get lost! Does this sounds familiar? Well now they are available in my shop! :)

  I have used some of them and let me tell you...they are amazing!
Easy to use, It dries fast and has a beautiful glossy finished when dry. The package comes with instructions in Japanese and English with super cute illustrations. I was extremely excited when I got them!

The sauces and toppings are suitable for both air dry clay and polymer clay projects. For polymer clay users - your item has to be baked before applying.

Thanks for looking!